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Schools in Javea.
There are two main choices of schools here in Javea, firstly State
schools who teach all children in the Spanish language. There are the
International schools ( fees payable) who teach the British national

Spanish State Schools;

The Spanish state education is open to all EU citizens and is free
from pre-school to 18.
You will have to Pay for school books all stationary and extra
curriculum activities.
Pre school education is available for free from ages 3-6 in state
funded schools.
From the ages 6-16 education is compulsory, primary school (Education primaria) is for ages 6-12 years of age and the secondary school (ESO) is ages 12-16, a child can repeat a whole year of education if they fail the end of year exams in either primary or secondary.

Here are some Spanish state schools in Javea;
L' Arenal  (00 34) 96 579 6814
IES n1 Xabia (00 34) 96 5792 720
Colegio Maria Immaculada  (00 34) 96 579 1170
Vicente Tena School  (00 34) 96 579 0737
Colegio Port De Javea.  (00 34) 96 579 1268

International Schools (private schools)
These schools usually follow the UK curriculum and offer GCSEs, A/S and A levels.
The fees vary in different schools.

Here are the main International Schools;
Laude Lady Elizabeth School (not in Javea as yet, but close by) (0034) 670 698 764
Xabia International College  (00 34) 96 647 1785

We will be happy to discuss schooling options with you, if we can be of any extra help.
This is for information purposes, as information may change.